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If you already know your stuff and you’re just looking to get an Ameristep Bone Collector Blind, then click here to visit the BassPro site and skip this article.

The Michael Waddell Bone Collector Blind features vertical window technology, and a heat release roof vent system and shoot-through mesh with gun port. The carbon-enhanced fabric helps eliminate, scent, shine, and excess noise.

You can stay invisible while relishing 360 degrees of shooting with the Ameristep Bone Collector Hunting Blind. This easy up, easy down hub-style ground blind features Ameristep’s cutting edge NS3 Microtech Fabric, which eliminates shine and noise with its weather resistant, dull fleece finish. The Bone Collector Hunting Blind is fortified on the inside with the scent blocking, carbon-enhanced Shadowguard laminated interior finish. Vertical window technology and shoot-through mesh windows with gun port give you lots of shooting options in any direction. Built-in roof vent system releases heat to help you stay comfortable and focused when the temperature starts to rise.

With enough room for 2 people, this Ameristep ground blind is very roomy. The Bone Collector Blind takes only minutes to set up and tear down, and has a great layout. For the price, the quality of this blind is surprising.

The Bone Collector Blind has proven to be stable in the wind. See more information about best foxpro calls reviews click here.

Some drawbacks include the necessity for some hunters to have to shoot from a sitting position (the blind is 69 inches tall or 5 foot 9 inches). Also, although the fabric is water resistant, some hunters have said the Bone Collector blind is not truly waterproof. Finally, the button up window flaps can be difficult to get off and on easily.

However, the Ameristep Bone Collector Blind has lots of space inside and can easily hold two hunters who are gun hunting. Bowhunters might have a tougher time getting two inside, but that really depends on size. For the average bowhunters, two should fit comfortably. The windows are easy to shoot a bow through from a seated position with room to spare inside the blind. The side by side vertical windows are a serious plus for bowhunters.

Because the G3 is a hub-style design, you can set up and take down the blind quickly and easily for excellent portability. This means hunting in whatever spot you want without a lot of hassle and that means you have a better chance of getting the buck (or doe) you’re hunting.

There are mesh windows on all sides for hunting through and high-wind tie downs.


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